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6" Red anodized BLEM risers. I don't see any nicks or scratches but cannot guarantee that. These may have small scratches, nicks, or just minor spots in the anodizing. Instead of stripping, repolishing, and reanodizing we are passing the savings along to you. These will come with black 12pt arp bolts. THERE ARE NO RETURNS WITH ANY BLEM PARTS. Structurally they are fine, this is only cosmetic. You can run them as is or have them powdercoated, chrome plated, or custom anodized yourself. Many customers email us back and were happy with them as is and ran them as they came. This is a chance to save big!!!


DEATH METAL RACING DESTROYER PULLBACK RISERS. Same great quality as our original version 1 pullback risers but with a slimmer base, and machined recesses on both front and back faces. Made from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. Risers have a 1/2" hole drilled in the clamping area for wiring to exit and have 1" of pullback. They come with 12pt black plated chromoly bolts for the top clamp. **The black plated chromoly bolts can possibly rust if exposed to the elements**  Machined for 1-1/8" mx moto style bars AND 1" bars with our 1-1/8" to 1" adapter/reducers SOLD SEPARATELY IN THE HAND CONTROL SECTON ON THIS WEBSITE. No need to buy new risers when you change your bars, we have you covered.  Top clamp bolt spacing works with 4-1/4" OEM style gauge mounts. 100% American made. 


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