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Boosted Brad quick detach sissy bar kit for FXR'S. THESE FIT ALL FXR'S INCLUDING MODELS WITH SADDLEBAGS SUCH AS FXRP, FXRT, FXRD. FITS OLD AND NEW STYLE FENDER STRUTS. SOME FXRT MODELS OR FXR'S RUNNING CLAM SHELL STYLE BAGS MAY REQUIRE SPACING THE BAGS OUT AT THE TOP APPROXIMATELY 3/8". WE WILL SUPPLY RUBBER SPACER/ISOLATORS WHEN YOU SELECT "YES" ON THE "FXRT STYLE BAGS" OPTION. THESE RUBBER SPACERS/ISOLATORS ARE NOT NEEDED WITH THE FXRP BAGS. Available in Chrome or Gloss black powdercoat. Chrome kits have chrome sissy bar, chrome quick detach side plates and gloss black powdercoated mouting plates (part that is mounted between fender and strut). Gloss black powdercoated kits have black sissy bar, black quick detach plates, and black mounting plates. Choice of sissy bar height. 11", 13", and 16". Measures from very top to bottom. Docking Hardware kit included. Pad options. No pad, short pad (recommened for 11" bar, 13", and will work on 16" also), and long pad (recommended for 16" but will work on 13" also). All pads are smooth not pillow style like in some pics which were used for height reference only. DOCKING HARDWARE BUNGS ARE MADE FROM STAINLESS STEEL SO THEY WILL NOT BREAK LIKE THE PLASTIC COATED STOCK STYLE HARDWARE BUNGS. SO YOU MAY EXPERIENCE SOME RATTLING IF THERE IS NO LOAD ON THE SISSY BAR SUCH AS A PASSENGER OR BAG. THE STAINLESS HARDWARE BUNGS MAKE TAKING THE SISSY BAR ON AND OFF MUCH EASIER ALSO. Who needs the sissy bar on when you have no passenger!!! That's the whole reason the kit is detachable, right??!! ALL PARTS CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY ALSO. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND RUNNING A TOUR PAK THAT MOUNTS ON THE  BACK ON THE LUGGAGE RACK WITH OUR QUICK DETACH SYSTEM. OUR SYSTEM WOULD PUT THE TOUR PACK UP HIGHER AND WITH THE WEIGHT OF THE TOUR PAK AND HOW FAR IT WOULD HANG OFF THE BACK, IT PUTS ALOT OF STRESS ON THE MOUNTS AND CAN CAUSE THEM TO BEND OR BREAK DUE TO THE CONSTANT PRYING.  THERE ARE COMPANIES THAT MAKE A TOUR PAK MOUNT  THAT PUTS THE TOUR PAK RIGHT OVER THE TOP OF OUR MOUNTS VERSUS OFF THE BACK AND THIS WILL KEEP THE TOUR PAK FROM BENDING THE STANDOFFS. 



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