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New riser/t-bar cap lets you clean up your gauge area.  We have used this on several or our riser installs on road glides. Available with holes to accept gauges or no holes if you want to relocate your gauges somewhere else or drill holes for custom gauges. This cap allows you to mount your gauges on the risers or t-bars or any other spot if you would like or keep the factory gauges visible, your choice. It has a port for the wiring also two ports for your brake lines. You can choose to drill the factory hole for the key or remove the key and use a standard ignition mounted where you choose, note if you leave the stock key, it will only go to the on position. Must use LA Choppers, Kraus raptor or similar pullback plate with this application only. Made from superior NYB polymer blends for the added extra strength, fit and durability. This is must for your RISER OR T bar conversion on your road glide when using a pullback plate. Level 2 installation. Please see below or warranty for more details.

  • DBC-273
  • Speed Series.
  • Made from NYB Polymer, not fiberglass.
  • Hides OEM stock gauges or not.
  • Direct easy bolt on for a custom look.
  • Hides ugly holes.
  • Must use LA Chopper, Kraus raptor plate, or similar pullback plate which will allow you to mount any riser, or T Bars, not included. Some risers may require opening up holes on the cover.
  • Allows you to use factory key switch and fork lock.
  • Product must be painted, TEST FIT BEFORE PAINTING.
  • Product is unpainted.
  • We do not offer paint.
  • For more information and video, check out
  • Made in USA.

Harley T2 Straight T Bar Riser Bar Cap Road Glide Gauge Bezel Cover 2015 To 2022


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