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BILLET ALUMINUM GAUGE MOUNT. WORKS GREAT WITH OUR DESTROYER RISERS OR ANY RISER THAT HAS A 4-1/4" (4.250") ON CENTER BOLT PATTERN. THIS IS A VERY COMMON BOLT HOLE SPREAD ON MANY FACTORY HD STAGGERED BOLT PATTERN RISERS.  DISTANCE BETWEEN MOUNTING TAB IS 3/8" WHICH IS A PRETTY STANDARD WIDTH IN THE INDUSTRY. COMES WITH A COUNTER SUNK 5/16-18 BOLT. THESE CAN BE USED IN A MANY DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS. WORKS GREAT WITH ANY OF OUR GAUGE HOUSINGS, EXTENSION ARMS, SWIVELS, AND GAUGE HOUSINGS SUCH AS KRAUS WITH A 3/8" TAB. MAKE YOUR OWN ATTACHMENT AND MOUNT A MOTO GADGET GAUGE, TACH, PHONE, ETC.  Available in a variety of anodized colors, chrome, powdercoat, and machine finish. Machine finish may have small imperfections from the machining process and have not been smoothed or polished, only deburred. It is meant to be coated and finished by the customer but can be scotchbrited or run as is. Due to the thickness of powdercoat, powdercoated parts normally require some or all of the powdercoat to be removed where the mating parts attach such as gauge clamps, gauge brackets, extension arms, or gauge housings. This sometimes includes removing powdercoat from bolt holes also. Harley Bronze powdercoat is now available. THIS COLOR IS NOT CONSISTENT AND IS NOT GUARANTEED TO BE THE SAME TONE THROUGHOUT THE PART. THIS IS THE SAME WAY IT IS WITH THE HARLEY BRONZE FROM THE FACTORY. NO RETURNS ON BRONZE POWDERCOATED PARTS DUE TO COLOR INCONSISTENCIES. Powdercoat parts are done per order and usually take 1 to 1-1/2 weeks turnaround. (NOTE POWDERCOATING IS SEVERAL MILS THICK AND YOU MAY HAVE TO REMOVE POWDERCOAT OFF OF MOUNTING SURFACE BETWEEN TABS FOR GAUGE TO FIT). Available with or without longer bolts for our risers. Any time a gauge bracket is added to the top of risers, a bolt 1/4" longer is needed. If you select longer bolts for our risers, 12pt stainless or 12pt black plated chromoly bolts are available for the top clamp. **The black plated chromoly bolts can possibly rust if exposed to the elements**. When selecting the bolt option, you must choose which clamp option you have. We offer them for the standard destroyer clamp (with the triangle cut outs on top) or the HUD clamp (gauge cut out on top of clamp) which is standard for the new lowrider ST and newer street bobs with the integrated gauge in the risers. BOTH ARE SHOWN IN PICS ABOVE. If you are ordering this for any other brand of riser, you must figure out the bolt length needed and source that yourself. MADE IN THE USA



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